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A Mosaic Studio with a View


View from Studio of Nutmeg Designs
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View from Studio of Nutmeg Designs

My first summer in the studio was a revelation when I looked out the window, and was greeted by the garden. Stratoz is out there right now, attending to the plants.  My contribution consists of going to nurseries to choose plants, pulling weeds and being appreciative.  Every year we’ve added a few more perennials, and to witness their return the following spring is exciting.  A garden is like a mosaic, with all the individual pieces essential to the nature of gardens, giving the eye much delight, as they combine together into the whole.

Beauty, delight, joy.  These attributes are what I want to cultivate in my life and my art.  Flowers are compelling inspirations with their intense color, and texture from velvet to satin, iridescent or sparkly.  My mandalas originate in flowers, and to have my studio as a window onto the world of flowers is more than I ever expected to have.

NOTE: I’ve started taking a photo from the window of my studio weekly and posting it to the Nutmeg Designs Instagram. Watch the Garden of Nutmeg Designs evolve.

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