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About Nutmeg Designs: Our Mission in Progress

Nutmeg Designs in Habitat.  Photo by Allison Puketza.
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Nutmeg Designs in Habitat. Photo by Allison Puketza.


We are Nutmeg Designs: Margaret Almon and
Wayne Stratz.

Catching the eye; delighting the soul.

We speak to the heart with our glass art from a
Our clients say we create work that is joyful, spirited, and full of hope.

We incarnate gifts that brings beauty, color and meaning
for gifts which bear the imprint of our clients heart and distinctive relationship.

We enliven those who want to feed their spirit,
and bring that which is both useful and beautiful into their homes.


Our Story

People ask if we met in Art School.

We didn’t go to Art School.
We met in a community college library in eastern Pennsylvania.
Wayne digging biology and Margaret smitten with philosophy.
That was 1986, and we have been living our unfolding lives together ever since.

Margaret took the beautiful path of an MFA in Poetry, and then the useful
path of Library School. In a process of realizing that what she loved
was relevant to her life, she began making mosaics in 2005.
When her employer closed the library in 2010, she took the leap
and made art her work.

Wayne, who has doodled since the beginning of time,
turned to glass as a medium to bring light into his designs.
He is the resident renaissance man, teacher
of special ed, science, and horticulture.

Our studios are adjacent, and creativity is constantly exchanged through
the open doorway, as we collaborate favored words in glass on slate,
house numbers healing mandalas, improvised works
while listening to jazz, and inspired by our
clients’ dreams, totems and hopes.

We have furnished our home with love and healing and craft,
and love how this has spilled over into our work, and our relationships
with clients, as they entrust us with their hunger for beauty.



**Awesome Photo taken by Allison Puketza of 4A Photography, Lansdale, PA


  1. Snowcatcher says:

    Not only an awesome photo (and cool to see a photo of the two of you together!!!), but an extremely awesome mission statement, from start to finish. I especially like how you’ve described how you are entrusted to fill hunger for beauty. Perfect!

  2. SharleneT says:

    Ditto to all previous comments! You radiate peace. Would love to be able to stop by and just absorb that wonderful energy. Beautiful mission. I wish you both continued joy and success. Come visit when you can.

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