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Ann Brauer: Quilts in Conversation with Color

Autumn Hills by Ann Brauer.
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Autumn Hills by Ann Brauer.


Ann Brauer makes quilts from color, from landscape, from beauty.  I love how she lets the colors play off of each other, whether in intense jewel tones, rainbow progressions, or in letting flashes of brightness be wrapped in greys and browns.  On twitter she made a comment that resonated with me about people not realizing they were looking for a quilt until they saw hers.  We get ideas about what “quilts” are or what “mosaics” are.  There is immense wonder in being wowed by an artwork, in responding before we even know what we are looking at.

Ancient light--45 x 45"--copyright Ann Brauer 2011
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Ancient light–45 x 45″–copyright Ann Brauer 2011

The piece above, Ancient Light, is captivating with the windows of orange against the muted background.  She wrote a blog post, Why Grey?

Why did I want to work in these colors again? What was it about them? Why was I drawn to these soft colors of slate and mist, mauve and taupe? Was it the trees in the winter? Their bark against the fallen leaves? Or the sky just before a snow storm? Those deep rich colors? Or just wanting to contrast these dark colors against clouds of light and promise?



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