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Barbara Persing’s Sampler Quilt in Glorious Orange

Sampler Quilt by Barbara Persing
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Sampler Quilt by Barbara Persing. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

I found this photo while working on a post for my HiP Passions Column, about quilters of Pennsylvania, and was blown away by the orange intensity.  Stratoz and I saw this quilt at the 2009 Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza, and I immediately wanted him to take a photo!  Barbara Persing’s quilt glows with color gradation, the veering from yellow, to orange, to red and magenta.  Persing started a Longarm Quilting business in 2000, and then in 2006 started a pattern design business with her sister Mary Hoover, 4th and 6th Designs.  I love that these sisters are making a life of their creativity, and I love that one of their books is called Stratavarious Quilts, using a technique of “strata” strips pieced together that are then the building blocks of quilts.  My husband, Wayne Stratz, goes by Stratoz on his blog, and has named some of his designs “Stratozspheres” and I resonate with Stratavarious!

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