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D is for Dard Hunter

Dard Hunter was born in Ohio in 1883, worked at his father’s newspaper setting type, and went on to make stained glass for Elbert Hubbard’s Roycroft Inn in East Aurora, NY.  His early exposure to newspapers led to a passion for paper and type, and he made “one man books” where he cast and cut the type, set it, printed it on his own handmade paper.  Dard lived the Roycroft motto above!  I first saw his stained glass on my 40th birthday trip to the Roycroft Inn.  His glass lanterns were captivating with their green glow.  Later, when commissioned to make a mosaic candleholder, I remembered the greens and warm copper tones, and felt inspired.

Over at Stratoz:

D is for Drums



  1. Gail says:

    Nothing is of any value excepting that which you create for yourself. Ah, the joys of being a writer!
    You win the award for the unique word choice for D day.

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