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Leap and the Net Will Appear by Wayne Stratz

Leap Stained Glass: Commission for a Minister and Spiritual Creative Woman

Leap and the Net Will Appear by Wayne Stratz
Leap and the Net Will Appear by Wayne Stratz. Stained glass and scrabble tiles(not pictured), 11×14 inches.

She arrived with print-outs from our website, and a bag of Scrabble tiles.  She wanted the word “leap” in flowing bright colors: red, orange, yellow, and the tiles spelling out “and the net will appear.”  She wanted the light to shine through all that color, so the project went to Stratoz.  We’ve known this client for a long time, along her path to becoming a minister, with all manner of hurdles, and yet discerning her call, attending Community College, Seminary classes,  finding a church and her ordination.  It was an honor to know she looked at our work when she needed an infusion of inspiration and joy and that she chose to commission original art as her birthday gift ~ rather than, as she put it, getting another piece of jewelry that she never wears.

What word speaks to you?  Talk to us about commissions.

Butterfly in Orange Glass Alighting on Our Window

When on vacation, my favorite souvenir is sheets of stained glass, and Stratoz and I found a bounty at Carolina Stained Glass. I wrote about the types of stained glass manufactured in the US, and one company I didn't include was Bullseye from Portland, OR, but right after I wrote the article, Stratoz and I found an awesome piece of orange Bullseye at Carolina Stained Glass, and Stratoz made this butterfly.

Stratoz has launched his own Etsy Shop with his stained glass creations: Stratozpheres. I love seeing his work all together. Go check it out and delight your eyes.