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Welcoming Neighbors Home with a Red Orange Starflower by Wayne Stratz

Red Orange Starflower by Wayne Stratz
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Red Orange Starflower by Wayne Stratz

Stratoz made a set of “welcome home” starflowers, in the order of the rainbow, for our 5 neighbors across the street who suffered a rowhouse fire in March of 2010, and finally all back in June of 2011.  We were both glad to see everyone home, after the scary evening when we woke up to screaming and smoke billowing from the house directly across from us.  One man had to jump from an attic window, but has healed and is back to work.  Over the course of a year, we watched the slow rebuilding, in fits and starts, from clearing out, to baking soda blasting the sooty bricks which made it look like a snowstorm in spring, to new windows, porches, doors.  To have everyone back is a delight.  And Stratoz’s imagination is a delight as well.  I am always amazed by his creativity and when he told me he planned to make a starflower  for each neighbor’s home, in rainbow order, from red-orange, to blue-violet, as a way to welcome everyone back, I was awed by the thoughtfulness of this gift. What house warming gift have your received that truly made you feel at home?   What was your favorite gift to give as welcome?





  1. Marie says:

    What a beautiful gift after a tragedy.

    Our neighbors welcomed us to the neighborhood with some homemade brownies. They didn’t last long, but they sure were tasty!

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