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N is For Nutmeg

1.  Nutmeg was my nickname in school.  A very observant friend created it out of Margaret Almon:  Margaret=Meg + Almon=Nut

Nutmeg Designs at Lydia's Guild
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Nutmeg Designs at Lydia’s Guild


2.  Nutmeg Designs

When I needed to come up with a name for my mosaic business, I decided on Nutmeg Designs.  I often
get queries from people at craft shows as to where the name came from.


3.  The Spice

At the Lansdale Farmers’ Market I even had someone who was expecting I’d have actual nutmeg!  I also had a man originally from India who was intrigued that we used nutmeg in the United States, since he associated it as an Indian spice from curries and such.

4.  Pancakes

There was a restaurant, Not Just Sandwiches, in Lansdale, PA, which Stratoz and I went to for pancakes.  They had nutmeg in them, and absolutely delicious.  Owned by the same people as Daddypops Diner in Hatboro, which is an old New England stainless steel classic.

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Nutmeg Book Award

5.  The Nutmeg State:  Connecticut

A woman came into the booth at a craft show and wanted to know if we were from Connecticut.  That’s where she was from, and as a “Nutmegger” she was curious about us.  There are theories as to why it’s the nutmeg state.  One version is that inhabitants carved wooden nutmegs and sold them them to unsuspecting folks as the real thing.  Another is that they were accused of selling wooden nutmegs because people couldn’t figure out how to get them open.


6.  Eggnog

My first introduction to the taste of nutmeg.  I was an eggnog devotee as a child.  It was liquid magic, and nutmeg was an integral part of the flavor.  As an adult I bought a nutmeg grater to grind fresh nutmeg onto Christmas eggnog, and it was even better.


7.  A cat named Nutmeg.

A woman and her daughter came into the booth and loved the name Nutmeg Designs because it reminded them of a cat they’d had named Nutmeg.  Looking in Flickr, there’s a number of cats with this name!


  1. Valerie says:

    When I was a little girl we used to warm milk and sprinkle freshly ground nutmeg on top. To this day, if I can’t sleep, I still grab for a carton of milk, some nutmeg and the grater. The booth pic looks awesome BTW!

  2. Snowcatcher says:

    How funny that Nutmeg is such a common name for cats!
    I figured out your nickname the first time I saw your real name, but this was a cute post! I’m so glad you opted for Nutmeg for your N!

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