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O is for Orange


Until I started making art, I didn’t know orange was my favorite color.  Growing up, my sister had an orange phase, and when we went to Butchart Gardens in BC, and rubbed the nose of the bronze pig statue, her wish was that the whole world be orange!  Once I started working with glass, I was drawn to the orange tones like a bee to honey(orange blossom. . .)  People tend to have strong feelings about orange, either loving it or hating it.  Once someone came into my craft show booth and said “You must really like orange.  Not that it’s a bad thing. . .” but others find it an infusion of sunshine.  Here’s a few of my favorite pieces I made with orange glass.


Over at Stratoz:

Orange times 7


  1. Yeah for Orange! – my fav also (as you know 😉 It just glows with energy – joy – enthusiasm. Warm and yummy. Orange with blues or purples also awesome combos. Long live ORANGE!

  2. Noemi says:

    I love orange!!
    I love orange so much to the point that when I got married everything was orange. My braids maids dresses, my bouquet of roses, the ties, the cards and all details were orange. As I got married in summer in a garden it all looked terrific!
    Orange is optimism and energy!

  3. Valerie says:

    For me, it’s hard to say what my favorite color is. Mostly I think of colors within the contexts of their surrounding colors. I tend towards the “warms”though, and orange is definitely high on the list. These pieces are exquisite and full of warm beauty!

  4. Great to see the orange lovers here! Noemi, your wedding in orange sounds incredible! I also concur with Valerie that context is very important in how I feel about colors, and how they interact with each other.

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