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Swayed by Goats

Orange Graphic Oval Goat Tile by Hadley Clay
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Orange Graphic Oval Goat Tile by Hadley Clay

I made it through the 2014 A to Z blogging challenge and this is a good time to take care of my blog.  There exists in me a desire to do things on my own, by myself, but also the desire to make art, and the art wins out.  I went searching for someone to maintain my margaretalmon.com blog as well as the nutmegdesignsart.com site.  Wordpress has made it possible for me to create the Nutmeg Designs site, but the nuances of keeping it in good technical shape is an art in itself.  I admit I was swayed by a goat.  When I finally formulated the phrase, “WordPress Maintenance Services,” GoatCloud came up and I had to check it out.  Cliff Rohde, Chief Executive Goat, donates a portion of his net profits to those who provide goats to those in need of, as he puts it, these remarkably sturdy animals.  GoatCloud is moving my sites about and consolidating them with hopefully minimal downtime.  Goats have an unfettered sense of play and exploration, and I am swayed into my studio.




  1. Cliff Rohde says:

    Thanks so much for choosing GoatCloud to work with, Margaret. There are a lot of vendors out there to choose from, so the business is much appreciated.

    I particularly enjoy working with artists, as they usually have a very compelling story to tell online (though are more accustomed to their workshop tools than online tools), and the web can work nicely to convey the visual or audible aspects of one’s art.

    Bringing beauty to the world, like facilitating the delivery of goats to communities in need (or any other act of giving back), is a way to make our world just a little better. So thank you for that!

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