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Out of the Crayon Box: Clothing for the Body and Soul by Rachel Clark

Out of the Crayon Box by Rachel Clark
Out of the Crayon Box by Rachel Clark. Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza 2014. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

I just love color and when I say I love color it’s not about that I just love bright colors. I just love color. I’ve had a really fun time in the last year, two years, working with beige and just exploring and playing around with the properties in the colors of beige, the different beiges, so I just like colors and so I tend to work with a lot of colors.

Interview with Rachel Clark, Quilt Alliance 1999. [Edited to add: Quilt Alliance reorganized their site and I now could only find one snippet of the interview with Rachel Clark]


Stratoz and I satiated our quilt sense at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza 2014.  This special exhibit, out of the Crayon Box, by Rachel Clark was like a dream closet, a space of color clothing the body and soul.  That last phrase is her tagline and it is wonderful. The opening quote is from an interview with Rachel Clark, and she articulated something that I have experienced – a love of color, not just bright colors.  I love playing with colors in all their forms.

The Group of Seven’s J.E.H. MacDonald: His Mosaic Connection

DTD_0924r 1922 J E H MacDonald Mountain Ash (Rowanberries)
J.E.H. MacDonald Mountain Ash (Rowanberries), 1922, via Chris Robart on Flickr.

The Group of Seven was a revelation to me as a girl in grade one, in Canada, with an art teacher who showed us the brushstrokes, the colors and shapes distinguishing each of the painters in the group.  The Group of Seven wanted to paint their own country rather than looking to England.  I recognized the Mountain Ash in this painting by J.E.H. Macdonald, because there were several on my street in Edmonton.  I admired the red-orange berries, and the narrow finger-like groups of leaves.  The berries weren’t for humans to eat, but the Cedar Waxwings would come in the winter, ravenously hungry and swarm the Mountain Ash until the berries were gone.

Toronto Art Deco
Mosaic by J.E.H. MacDonald. Toronto Art Deco at the Concourse Building(1928), Toronto, via Sandra Cohen-Rose on Flickr.

As a mosaic artist, I had a bit of excitement in discovering that J.E.H. MacDonald designed a mosaic mural for the Concourse Building in Toronto.  The building is being demolished by new owners, but the mosaics are being preserved.  I am partial to mosaic rainbows, and loved seeing one in MacDonald’s mural.

Y is for Tokujin Yoshioka and his Rainbow Church: A to Z Challenge 2014

atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910

Tokujin Yoshioka: Rainbow Church @ spectrum
Tokujin Yoshioka: Rainbow Church @ spectrum via mikha_elohim on Flickr
131014_吉岡徳仁 "Crystalize"展_Rainbow Church Takahiro Shutoh
Yoshioka’s 吉岡徳仁 “Crystalize”展_Rainbow Church via Takahiro Shutoh on Flickr
Tokujin Yoshioka: Rainbow Church @ spectrum
Tokujin Yoshioka: Rainbow Church @ spectrum via mikha_elohim on Flickr


Tokujin Yoshioka constructed a church of color and light 40 feet tall with 500 crystal prisms as the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.  According to his press release, he was inspired by a chapel designed by Matisse:

It was inspired when the young Yoshioka visited the Chappelle du Rosaire,
a chapel designed by Henri Matisse in his last years, and was struck by the beauty of its light.
The sunlight of the Provence pouring in through the beautiful stained glass,
created in the vivid colors so characteristic of Matisse’s paintings, created a space suffused with Matisse’s colors. There Yoshioka was seized by an ambition to construct a space of his own in which to experience light through all the senses. This large-scale installation presents that light, which has always been one of his ultimate goals.

To envelope you in colored light is one of the magical powers of stained glass, and Tokujin Yoshioka finds his own way to release color.