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Volutes: Awesome Spiral Scrolls

Gourd Tendril
Gourd Tendrils by Lynn Lunger of UnaOdd
Woodland Snail Shells #snail #spiral #shell #volute
Woodland Snail Shells by Lynn Lunger of UnaOdd

Lynn of UnaOdd posted this photo of gourd tendrils, and I was happy to introduce her the wonderful word volute which happens to be one of my favorite forms.  I first found the name for the swirls I gravitate toward in a book by Franklin Gottshall, Design for the Craftsman, and in my craft geekiness was giddy to know this shape has a name.  It’s from the Latin voluta, meaning spiral scroll.  I am enjoying Lynn’s Woodland Snail shell volutes now.

Volutes via Tagote on Flicker

Not to mention the ironwork volutes I saw attached to Violin in the Sky, and the scroll that crowns the violin itself.

What are your favorite volutes?


Mosaic Gazing Ball Detail
Mosaic Gazing Ball by Margaret Almon

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Sophia Spiral by Wayne Stratz
Sophia Spiral by Wayne Stratz


More photos on my Volutes Pinterest Board.

Over at Stratoz:

Sophia Spiral


  1. Lynn/UnaOdd says:

    Oh yes! I saw your title and immediately thought of your introducing me to the term! :^) I’ve been using it as a tag quite a bit now and I thank you for that! Lovely volutes on your gazing ball and Wayne’s Sophia Spiral.

  2. Deidre says:

    When I doodle, I almost always doodle spirals. My old housemate was a violin maker and I was always fascinated how she formed the scroll on her viola!

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