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Optimism: Annette Bamberger’s Quilt Rising Up in Orange

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Annette Bamberger’s Optimism. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

In looking for my Orange Tuesday selection, I came across Stratoz’s photo of a quilt by Annette Bamberger that  we saw at the 2009 Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza, which truly was an extravaganza of beauty.  Quilts spark my creativity with their kinship to mosaic and collage, two of my favorite mediums, and the amazing things that can rise out of fragments, pieces, scraps.  Optimism is by the German quilt artist Annette Bamberger, who has a degree in architecture and worked as a designer and drafter, before becoming a quilter.   I didn’t used to think of myself as an optimist, but as I’ve healed and grown in my life, I’ve found the seeds of optimism in my life.

NB:  As Joules from Lucid Lotus Life noted, the photo by Paul Grecian, Peak Color, would also make an excellent candidate for Orange Tuesdays as well as crazy goodness.

Over at Stratoz:

7 for the Weekend:  Celebrating a 2009 Quilt Show



  1. Snowcatcher says:

    I was able to see that quilt live in person at another quilt show, and her work truly is incredible. I, too, love the medium, and there are many days I’d rather be sitting at my sewing machine than a desk and computer!

  2. Joules says:

    Beautimous! And I’d never thought of it, but quilts are like mosaics in fabric. You’re exposing me to beauty AND throwing down some knowledge – loves it!

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