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D is for Dunmore, PA and the Blue Neon Madonna, A to Z Challenge 2013

Dunmore, PA circa 1995
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Cherry Street, Dunmore, PA circa 1995

In the mid 90’s, and Stratoz and I lived in Dunmore, PA, and one of the most memorable sights was the blue neon Madonna, which would walk by at night as she glowed.  I remember the story that Dunmore had its own coal breaker and survived without annexation into Scranton. Because I was pinning photos of Dunmore for my A to Z Challenge Board, I caught the attention of Terry Lee Keller Dell’Amico, who had originally pinned the images, and was from Dunmore. In fact, we discovered, she practically lived next door to us on Cherry Street. Terry offered to send me more photos, including one of the #5 Coal Breaker of Dunmore, which I’d only heard about.
I had a fondness for the Dunmore Candy Kitchen, and perhaps the lovely mosaic floors worked their way into my heart, and my desire to make mosaics. Terry sent me a photo of her favorite stained glass window at the Dunmore Presbyterian Church. There are hidden treasures everywhere.


  1. Margaret,

    I love history, I love learning about new places, and I love Mosaics (Art in general). So this will be a great blog for me to visit. 🙂

    Is there a story about the Coal Breaker? Haunting picture. (And I mean that in a good way.) 🙂

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