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A to Z Challenge 2012: K is for Kindred Spirits

The first I heard of Kindred Spirits was when I read Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Anne calls her friend Diana a Kindred Spirit, and I’ve loved that idea ever since.

When sharing my art and writing on my blog, I am often blessed to find Kindred Spirits.  I had two comments from Pearl Pirie at Humanyms: A Verbal Sketchpad of Being Positively Human, and both had wonderful coincidences of the kindred.

Pearl commented on my D is for Doodling post that I might like Calm Things: A Place for Writers, Photographers and Other Dreamers by Shawna Lemay, which indeed I do!

I met Shawna once in 1996 at a writer’s workshop that met at my father’s house in Edmonton, AB, and have her book of poetry All the God-Sized Fruit.   Pearl is also a poet from Canada.

Then Pearl left me a link to a poem on my post E is for ExuberanceTransportation by Kristen Lindquist on The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor, which I had been planning to find after I heard from Kristen that she was going to have her poem featured on the radio.

Kristen and I were classmates in the MFA program at the University of Oregon.  I didn’t have to find it because Pearl sent it right to me!

Finally, the name Margaret means “Pearl.”

Who are your Kindred Spirits?



  1. I am now singing “Kindred Spirits” from the Anne of Green Gables musical…

    I have been privileged to find several kindred spirits over the years. I am so grateful for them.

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