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A to Z Challenge 2012: L is for Levels and Loving Them!

Ring of Blue
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Ring of Blue Rainbow Mandala ©Margaret Almon
blue frame... imagine a photo within
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blue frame... imagine a photo within ©Margaret Almon
Margaret's latest Sunflower Mandala
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Sunflower Mandala ©Margaret Almon


I dig levels in mosaic.  The pieces of many heights catch the light and enliven the surface, and I love that.  I also dig them literally, since grouting buries the lower pieces and I go on an archaeological dig to find them.  People are often surprised by the levels, and intrigued.  Once a young woman came into my booth at a craft show, accompanied by a friend who guided her by the elbow.  She had a patch over her one eye.  She spent a moment investigating the surface of a mosaic with her fingers, and I was all the more glad that there were levels for her to enjoy.



  1. Oh wow. Those are fantastic! I’m doing a couple of blog posts about art for the blind in early May. You’ve just inspired me to mention mosaics — may I link to this page in that post?

  2. Liz Powley says:

    I absolutely adore the first one and the others are also stunning. Different levels in a mosaic aren’t something I’ve really thought of before. You’ve given me something to ponder, particularly how I could apply different levels in my paper mosaics.

    Thanks for the thought 😀

    Best wishes,

  3. Margaret, your layered mosaics are stunning — particularly your blue rainbow and sunflower. I’m not an artist, but I certainly enjoy beautiful work. Sculptures are a favorite of mine. Glad I visited your site.

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