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The Beauty of Imperfection:Hozho

Floating Weft Mosaic by Nina Solomon and with Heidi Dauphin and in Collaboration with D Y Begay
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Artists: Nina Solomon with Heidi Dauphin In Collaboration with weaver D Y Begay Floating Weft Mosaic, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona 2008 Dimensions: H 5.5’ x W 30’ x D 1’ Materials: Styrofoam/concrete/fiberglass form, handmade tiles. Work commissioned by: The Heard Museum


“. . .the principle of harmony that includes natural variation in size and form. . .Because you are a human being and not a machine, your stitches will display at least some subtle variation.  Together, one way or another, you and your yarn will create hozho, and hozho is fascinating. . .Sunlight also provides hozho–at any given moment of the day, our familiar world will look slightly different due to variations of light and placement of shadow.”  Deborah Bergman p.204-205, The Knitting Goddess.

When I read this, I felt a thrill of recognition, an articulation of what I love about making mosaics–the landscape of textures, the gradations of color, of light, not perfect, not even.  And then I found this mosaic at Weaving in Beauty, Floating Weft, designed by the Navajo Weaver D.Y. Begay, in collaboration with mosaic artist Nina Solomon for the Heard Museum!

Begay comments in a newspaper article, “I didn’t want a mural that was flat and polished. I wanted it to have a dimensional effect, giving it an undulating formation, and to try and capture what you would see in the yarn itself.”

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