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This is our first show with the ProPanels.  They are the “knock downs”~  30 inches wide and 7 ft tall, and come apart into two sections.  The ProPanel people have a turnaround time of about 2 weeks, but they had them shipped the morning after I ordered.  The UPS guy artfully arrayed them on the porch in such a way that I had to move them in order to get into the house.  Luckily they are very lightweight, having a foam core.

My husband, the stained glass half of Nutmeg Designs, used his super-spatial-abilities and got it all into our Honda Fit with the magic fold down seats. It was very cool to be able to hang a lot of my pieces directly from the pane with drapery hooks, and then shine the halogen track lights on the glass. All the gradations of translucency and sparkle came to the fore.



  1. msklem24 says:

    Wow. Now another reason to stay up way later than I should. I am amazed how quickly I have become obsessed with your stained glass man’s blog. I can’t wait for more of the house on 4th street! 🙂

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