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The Other Half of Nutmeg Designs: Stratoz Stained Glass

Green Bush in a Burning Flame by Wayne Stratz
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Every since I have known my husband, Wayne Stratz(Stratoz), he has made vibrant doodles with colored pencils.  He has kept himself awake through many a meeting with his energetic drawing.  As I started making glass mosaics, an idea that had been percolating started to boil up.  He envisioned his designs in glass, and after taking a class and making the requisite flower panel, he began creating panels and suncatchers in his own style.  We started doing shows together last year, and as someone commented once, it’s not so much the “other half” as the “other whole half.”  We both love glass, and our designs have affinity, just as we do for each other, a synergy of two creative visions.

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