Rainbow Language

Rainbow Nametag from Junior High Camp, circa 1980.

I have a compelling desire to create rainbows.  I have made many of them in mosaic.  Once a woman came into my craft show booth and was smitten with one of my rainbow panels, but said she couldn’t buy it because her husband would be affronted by the gay implications, and gave an awkward shrug. […]

One for Japan

Wayne Stratz Japan Commission for Nakamura-San.

Stained glass by Wayne Stratz. Commissioned by Michelle Francl for Nakamura-san. Michelle Francl writes about the visit to Nakamura-san What happens in Wernersville. . .goes to Japan

Collage Meets Glass: Braque and Gemmaux


This piece caught my eye at the Corning Museum of Glass.  It was mounted in front of a lightbox and the colors of glass emerged in glowing layers.  Before I started making mosaics, I made collages with magazine paper and the Gemmail technique is like having those scraps of paper turn to glass.  Artist Jean […]

Poetry Four Square at Poets Walk in Rochester, NY



Listening: Gift for a Spiritual Director

Listening by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on slate, 6x15 inches.

Listening was my natural state as a child.  Listening to the adults tell stories to me, or talk to each other above me.  I became a writer with my storehouse of listening. Stratoz and I had a Christmas commission to create a sign with the word Listening for a spiritual director.  Listening had become a […]

Wordless Wednesday: Asymmetric Log Cabin Mosaic in Virescent Green

Asymmetric Log Cabin Mosaic by Margaret Almon

Wordless Wednesday: In the Garden of Nutmeg Designs with Midas

The Garden of Nutmeg Designs with Orange Cat.

  More Midas: Midas with Buddha Midas with Sunflowers Midas with Mosaic Bowling Ball

Independence Day: 4th Anniversary of Self Employment

Margaret Almon with Beverly Pepper's Vertical Ventaglio

July 2014 is the 4th Anniversary of my Independence.  My employer closed the library in which I worked and let me go.  I am thinking about that phrase, “Let me go.” They let me go, and I went.  I was scared, anxious and sad.  I worried about money.  I felt unnecessary, obsolete and hurt.  They […]

One Pebble at a Time


When I started making mosaics, I felt an intrusive guilt that I wasn’t making collages anymore.  Collage was my first step into art, my first furtive kindness to myself in allowing myself to make art.  When I started making collages, I felt anxiety because I believed I should be writing poems instead.  I had been […]

Swayed by Goats

Orange Graphic Oval Goat Tile by Hadley Clay

I made it through the 2014 A to Z blogging challenge and this is a good time to take care of my blog.  There exists in me a desire to do things on my own, by myself, but also the desire to make art, and the art wins out.  I went searching for someone to maintain […]

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